Thursday, March 18, 2021

NCAA Tournament: 1st & 2nd Rounds


It feels like March Madness is a double pandemic turning point, right? A year ago we were riding high, winning the B1G, ready to probably win a National Championship. And then BAM, COVID absolutely ravages the entire world and the first main sports casualty is the tourney. Here we are a year later and vaccines are flying off the shelf while you're filling out your brackets. Now, it is possible that I skipped over a few things between last March and this March, but can we have a moment? Do you think the universe will let us just have a goddamn moment and enjoy this?

Only time will tell. I'm knocking on an entire lumber yard right now when I say I'm truly terrified of a COVID outbreak in Indy. Doesn't feel like the collective 'we' of the world has caught a break in the last 12 months, but you know what? It is TIME. Things are on the up and up. There IS light at the end of the tunnel, and color me stupid but I kinda think this Badger team has sandbagged a bit. Under commit, over deliver. Only justification I've got for our complete inability to win a damn game this year. These dudes are saving it, and we are about to shoot the lights out at Mackey.

PS - betwixt you and I, I will never watch any show or movie that 'takes place' during the COVID pandemic. Why the hell would anyone want to transport their mind back to this awful time in this awful place? I will track down every review site I can find for the first COVID romcom and leave a -10 star review. This shit has been miserable and the sooner we stuff it in a barrel and shoot it to the moon, the better.

PPS - fine, it hasn't ALL been terrible. Every dog in the world is still absolutely tippy tappy happy from all day human time. People went through that little bread-making phase. Toilet paper and paper towel moguls made more money than Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk combined. And I got married to the most beautiful bride who has since threatened to divorce me about 2 million times because spending 24/7 with someone in a small apartment for a year straight is kind of tough! Who knew!



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