Friday, October 25, 2019

at #3 Ohio State

It is POSSIBLE my arrogance got the best of me. I won't deny that. This wasn't the first time I looked at the schedule and decided very early that this was the kind of Saturday I could ease into. We went to Superdawg and I treated myself to a Whoopercheesie WITH a bonus Superdawg. LIVING. Of course, I was checking on my phone the entire time and at no point did I actually think that would happen.

But it did. And it sucked. But we're still here, and OSU is still on the horizon. So whatever we move on and who knows what happens Saturday but at this point it's a reverse house money situation. Lose and oh well the season was already ruined a week ago. Win and WHOA HEY LOOK OUT Bucky's back in the picture.

That's glass half full living and there's no other way to look at a terrible loss other than 'oh well that was a kick in the dick but on we go'.



Friday, October 11, 2019

Michigan State

Has anyone figured out the age at which you actually care about homecoming? I am prepared to announce it is not anything under 34, because not the once have I cared at all that OMG IT’S HOMECOMING! Just doesn’t resonate with me. I’m a longstanding member of Team #NormalMadisonWeekend when it comes to picking your pilgrimage weekend in the fall. I think that makes me old in that I hate overly crowded scenes, but not SO old that I cherish the spirit of homecoming. So lovely living in this abyss betwixt kinda old but not yet super old. TIME TICKS FOR US ALL.

Ignoring the pomp and spirit of homecoming, this IS a big weekend in Madison. I don’t care what their record is or what happened to them the week before, MSU is always on my radar. My spidey sense is firmly tingled. Threat level remains at midnight when they’re in town. There simply is no way to shed the nightmare that was that game. I think it’s healthy to get to a point in life when you no longer let sporting events ruin more than like 17 minutes of your life, and for the most part I’ve done that. But if you bring up that GODDAMN HAIL MARY or the Duke National Championship game then I am going to immediately cease communications and leave. The world would be better if those games never happened, and this is objective. Fact. Bullshit on ALL LEVELS.

This is a long way of saying there’s no sleeping on Michigan State. We are not fast tracking this thing to the showdown in Columbus. Ain’t nobody got time for looking ahead and tapping the cruise control. These guys got smacked around and would love another chance at a signature win, and we are NOBODY’S signature win. Go back to East Lansing.