Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016 Season Preview

As I sit here drinking a Staghorn while watching National Treasure, I want you all to do something: come to terms with it now. Make your peace. Accept the reality that we are on the cusp of living: Wisconsin football is going to lose some games this year. As in, multiple games. MANY GAMES OF DEFEAT. This isn't even a knock on Chryst, his staff, or the team itself. This is simply a perfect storm of replacing a legend at the most important position on the field, coping with the loss of the best defensive coordinator in the land, and getting slapped with the hardest schedule I can possibly recall.

And I can assure you that I am not complaining. We've skated by on the softest B1G schedules you could construct for a few years now. Sure, we spiced it up with the LSU and Bama games. But let's not ignore all the feasting we've done on the Illinois/Purdue/Indiana/Maryland/Rutgers conglomeration of SUCK. It's kinda been our SOP the last 5 or so years: absolutely dominate all the sucky/decent teams in the conference, struggle mightily with the top shelf talent. I'm not even sure that's very surprising (I'd assume most teams do well against Rutgers and struggle with OSU). But now the tables are turning and the day is about to be darkest before the dawn.

So let's all enjoy this season as 12 weeks in the fall to drink before noon without consequence. Savor the victories, let the defeats drown directly into your beer, and remember that the hoops team is going undefeated and winning a national championship.

STILL ALWAYS LOOKING FOR REFERRALS: Another year, another time to get your peoples on the list.


Before we look to da future, we must pay respects to those that have left us. Rest in peace, celebrities ranging from obscure to legendary.
  • David Bowie, bizarre genius, musician. Bowie, quintessential dude that I never really listened to but knew he was somehow amazing at what he did. And then he died and Trey Songz covered 'Life On Mars?' on Vinyl (RIP) and it was an entire awakening for me. But yeah also that Trey Songz cover was one of the best things I heard all year.
  • Alan Rickman, AKA Bill Clay. Hans Gruber, the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, creature with no dong from Dogma, the stuffy one in Galaxy Quest, Snape... that is one hell of a resume. Even acknowledging that Harry Potter kind of sucks, that's still a whole lot of work that will keep him remembered for years to come.
  • Dan Haggerty, Grizzly Adams.