Monday, October 21, 2013

Bye Week Mailbag - Part 2

Glaring omission from the Hairstyle Rankings: Poofed-Up-Front-Ponytail-Combo. FIRE

Have we ever had TWO byes before? What is this crap? Although, I will point out that having a bye that splits two road games AND falls on Halloween weekend is actually kind of clutch. Players get to rest up before traveling to Iowa; we get to avoid that whole 'how can I sneak Badger gear into my costume' conundrum.

SPEAKING of costumes, what are the rules on recycling from the previous year? What if you had a really AWESOME costume? Can I go as Jon Taffer and throw raw chicken in people's grills all night and then verbally assault them for TOUCHING RAW CHICKEN? Will every party be 40% guys, 10% girls, and 50% Miley Cyrus costumes?

MYSTERIES ABOUND. And Halloween is such a perfect time for mysteries. I fucking love Halloween and will keep on judging any person that doesn't dress up for both nights.

With that said, shoot me whatever questions you've got. Halloween, CTA #Eltiquette... it's all fair game. Here's a link to the mailbag a few weeks ago in case you need inspiration. Email me or hit me up on Twitter with your questions. The sooner you get your question in, the better. Don't be shy.


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