Friday, April 11, 2014

Mailbag Time!

Let's get one thing straight: it's NEVER fun to lose a heartbreaker like that game against Kentucky. Especially when the stakes are so high. But I moved on pretty quickly, and I think you should, too. Bo got the stupid 'can't make a Final Four'/'can't beat a higher seeded team' monkey off his back. The hoops program got all sorts of attention and the publicity that comes with Aaron Rodgers jumping on your bandwagon. And I'm not sure how much this will help recruiting, but it sure as hell won't hurt it.

This run was a good thing. A GREAT thing. Do I know for a fact that we would've beaten UConn on Monday night? Absolutely. Not a doubt in my mind. But I'm not gonna dwell on that 'what-if', and you shouldn't either. The weather's FINALLY turning (I think), Big Star's patio is calling, and we return over 80% of our scoring/rebounding/assisting next year. This program didn't peak in Dallas. It just took one enormous step towards the next level. Enjoy it. We're not going anywhere.


With that said, let's wrap up this season in the only way I know how: MAILBAG CITY. Leave your question in the comments or email No topic is off-limits. You can ask me about:
  • The escaped Kansas City monkeys
  • Bill's Key Shop
  • Why BuzzFeed is the worst thing ever to happen to the internet
  • What my new high score in 2048 is (it's real hot)
  • What I'm expecting this season on The Challenge
And so on. Dig deep and hit me up. Don't make me come looking for you.

PS - Goodnight, sweet #SpiritAnimals:

PPS - How I felt watching Harrison hit that shot:

Long live the #ElefantesPequenos

PPPS - If you didn't notice his eyes after he falls, then watch it 7 more times.

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  1. Will the Badgers get Diamond Stone... and if they do will he red shirt?