Thursday, August 7, 2014

2014 Preseason Mailbag Time!

OOOOOOO hot new banner for football season!


23 days until Wisconsin and LSU play a REAL football game in Houston. That's it. Three weeks from this Saturday we'll all gather at Will's, daydrink, laugh, and wonder aloud how long it will be until 'Timber' is cool again. I HOPE IT IS SOON. What's in store for Wisconsin in year 2 of the Gary Andersen era? Can UW hang with LSU's ELITE SEC ATHLETES? Will Wisconsin - most likely the favorites in every game after that - run the table? Will GA use his newfangled Twitter account to drop a #karma bomb on Bielema? Is it possible to eat too many cheese curds?

I don't have any answers. But I know I can't freaking wait to find out.


Before we dig too deep, let's kick off the year with a good old fashioned MAILBAG. By now, you should know the drill: send me any and all questions you have. No topic is off-limits. You can ask about:
  • The University of Wisconsin allowing firearms on campus
  • How much I love U-Haul
  • Debating which game is better betwixt cribbage and euchre
  • Or literally anything else/FASHION TALK
You know the drill. Get your questions in sooner rather than later so you can have your first Friday distraction of the year next week.

It's good to be back. Shaping up to be a fun year for both football and hoops. Let's do this thing.

ALMOST FORGOT: In case you haven't heard,
Will's is hosting their annual 5th Quarter THIS SUNDAY at 2:30. Bucky will be there. The band will be there. And you've literally never had a bad time at Will's. Add it all up, and it sounds like a nice little Sunday Funday.

ONE LAST THING: Beginning of the season is always a good time to make sure your friends/cousins/siblings/PARENTS/significant others/co-workers who went to Wisconsin or are Wisconsin fans are on the list. Send me any referrals you got. Thanks in advance.



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