Thursday, January 23, 2014

at Purdue & Northwestern

Okay. I can't lie to you this week and tell you not to worry. You can if you want. I'm not sure what the hell we're doing out there right now, but it's not defense. And I get that that's worrisome.

But I'm sticking with this team.

Defense can be corrected, and taught, and fixed throughout a season. Mental mistakes can be cured. But you can't take a bunch of bad shooters and suddenly have them draining shots left and right. Last year's team was limited by the fact that the 3 starting bigs couldn't shoot. THERE WAS NO FIXING THAT. This year, however, we've got shooters up and down the lineup. Unfortunately, they forgot how to play some D. But if there's any coach out there that can figure that out, it's Bo.

These last 3 games have been awful. What the fuck ever. Worse teams have gone through worse stretches and come out ahead. We'll be fine. I'm not abandoning ship anytime soon.I have NO idea why I make so many ship analogies.

PS - Hate the world, don't feel like typing, get ready for a million pictures.

DO YOU LOVE GOOD BEER AND GOOD PIZZA? I do, too! And that's why I've already purchased my ticket to Beer & Pizza: A Love Worth Celebrating


You can click on that picture to buy tickets if you're interested. And you should be interested.

PS - I tried making a quick flyer myself and I am not a graphic designer:

My flyer may suck, but at least that menu looks killer.





1) Michigan State,  18-1 (7-0). I really enjoyed this oral history of Swingers on Grantland. I've only seen the movie once or twice (enjoyed it, but not in my top 50), but hearing these guys talk about the entire process is really fascinating stuff. Honestly, it reminds me of Bowfinger in how they kind of begged, cheated, and swindled their way through the entire production. Plus it's fun to think that they were, at one time, unheard of in the Hollywood scene. When Swingers came out, Favreau had his minor role in Rudy, and Vaughn had yet to make an impact in The Lost World. THEY WAS SO INNOCENT

2) Michigan, 14-4 (6-0). First I read this:

Then I checked this:

And Monday morning I'm gonna feel like this:


PS - I mean, it's just the MOST adorable when it walks away like a human. 'Fuck this shit, I'm out of here and I'm struttin'

3) Iowa, 15-4 (4-2).  Had to call up Ventra today because my fare card didn't get loaded. After 45 minutes of yada yada yada, the guy I was talking to told me I didn't understand how Ventra's system worked. Then I told him they gave away $1.2 million in free fares, so maybe Ventra didn't understand how their system worked, either. My issue did not get resolved. #DeathToVentra

4) Minnesota, 15-5 (4-3).  I randomly came across the Twitter account of one hardcore Belieber yesterday. I guess Bieber tweeted at her and favorited a couple of her tweets:

She got excited:

But perhaps this was more than just a tweet (and two favs!):


5) Nebraska, 9-8 (1-4). And then Bieber got arrested for drag racing in the streets of Miami while drunk, stoned, and pilled out. Isabel was not happy:

Probably. But at least she's asking the right questions in the aftermath of this disaster:

Is that a rejected Dark Knight tagline? Poor Isabel. It doesn't look like she's handling this well at all:

BIEBER: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's depression.

PS - 

6) Wisconsin, 16-3 (3-3). Things haven't been going too well, so let's look at this GIF of a rescued walrus snuggling with his caretaker:

Fucking AWWWWW that's so damn cute.

7) Purdue, 13-6 (3-3). Apparently this current bout of shit weather is known as WINTER STORM JANUS. In other news, I'm 12 years old:

8) Northwestern, 10-10 (3-4). If you've ever wondered how certain celebrities end up courtside at Knicks games, then this article is for you. My only issue with it?

Tom Hanks watched the Knicks play? Does the person who wrote this caption not know who Shooter McGavin is? Tom Hanks is cool, but Shooter McGavin is the ULTIMATE draw.


10) Ohio State, 15-4 (2-4). 

11) Illinois, 13-6 (2-4). Long exposure picture of a train going through the Canadian Rockies:

12) Penn State, 9-10 (0-6). Ooooo, we're approaching that time when I have to take them off the Fear Rankings until they win a game! If they get to 0-9, I'm relegating them to the abyss.


Perhaps the greatest instrumental band of all time and it has a Gremlins reference in the bands name! This is off their 8th and just released album. Your older brother used to listen to Mogwai when he smoked a lot of pot. (JQW)

A lesser known Eminem track from a few years back that never made any of his albums but is still fuckin awesome. (@DannyGoldin)

Feelin' that riff. Feelin' it real good.


Ugh. West Lafayette

We don't play very well there

Time to buck that trend

Give these nerds credit:

They actually beat Crean

But we'll curb stomp them


I'm all in favor of anything Arnold-related. So if that means watching a video of him wearing the dumbest disguise ever while walking around the gym making goofy comments to people, so be it.

PS - You really should read through his AMA on reddit:

Sometimes when life is really wearing you down, you just wanna draw a hot bath and light a ranch scented candle and FORGET.

HAIM's Wire meets David Simon's Wire and I love everything about it. This is literally what YouTube was created for.

Apparently if you hook a camera up to a QUADROCOPTER you get one amazing video of people surfing in Oahu. This is usually where I say, 'man I wish I had a quadropcopter to play with!', but I don't even want one. I'd break it way too quickly. I bought one of those mini helicopters on Groupon - you know the ones you can control with an app on your iPhone. It lasted about a week before someone flew too close to the sun and hit the ceiling. That first week was pure ecstasy, though. RIP Taffer Chopper.


Pastrami DIP from Jake's Deli in Milwaukee. I looked at the menu and thought, 'Wait. I can get a pastrami sandwich... on a pretzel roll... and au jus to dip it in?' GENIUS. The sandwich was great, but for the first time in my deli-eating life I left craving more. Every deli I've ever been to has shown no fear in piling the meat on your sandwich to the point where you start to question whether or not, within the laws of the physical universe we occupy, you can fit the sandwich in your mouth. That was not the case here. I could have eaten twelve of these things.

Also, I'm usually all about deli meats being thinly sliced, but this thick-cut pastrami was fantastic. I'd make a pillow of thick-cut pastrami and sleep on it if it were socially acceptable and not that bad for your skin.


Now that is one HOT sunset in Madison. Just fucking gorgeous. And fuel to my 'winter sunsets are sneaky intense' fire.

PS - Kinda hate anyone that still lives in Madison. I don't get why we all don't just move back and make living in Madison after you graduate a thing. WE CAN DO THIS



Oh fuck me, Brad Pitt's gone hipster? Goddamnit Brad, you were Tyler Fucking Durden! You've killed more Nazis than anyone in history! And now you've gone and buzzed a couple quadrants while leaving the flow up front, just classic hipster hair. I don't even know what to believe anymore.

Oh, apparently going hipster is just the new 'in' thing in Hollywood, because Lady Margaery has literally gone off the hipster deep end. YOU CANNOT RULE WESTEROS AND LISTEN TO GRIZZLY BEAR VINYLS AT THE SAME TIME.

PS - Anyone who says they wouldn't is out of their mind; still such a babe.


Oh my god oh my god oh my god


Loving these two matchups. Fa sho 2-0, book it, lock it up, bury it, championship, THE PICKS:




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